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Getting the Best Cosmetic Surgery Chicago, Illinois

Getting the best cosmetic surgery Chicago, Illinois has to offer can be quite a task, especially given the number of plastic surgeons that are around, all claiming to be the most skilled. However, not all plastic surgeons are created equal, and there have been some bad cosmetic surgery in Chicago, Illinois. There is nothing worse than spending $5,000 or more to look good, only to find that the surgery has been botched when you come out of the recovery phase.

So, to protect yourself from any setbacks and to ensure that you get truly the best cosmetic surgery Chicago, Illinois has to offer, you need to do some homework. First and foremost, never just take a plastic surgeon at his or her word. So they say that they have done the exact surgery you want thousands of times? Great. But saying something like that does not make it true. Instead of taking the doctors word for it, ask to see their portfolio of before and after pictures.

As you are looking at the before and after cosmetic surgery in Chicago, Illinois pictures, ask yourself if you like the results. For the amount of money that you are about to spend on whatever procedure you decide to undergo, you should be happy with the results. In fact, you should be thrilled with the cosmetic surgery results that you get. Once you have seen the portfolio and liked what the doctor did with the patients, ask if he or she has any references (and do not be afraid to call and ask how things went!).

Finally, you might want to check on the credentials of the doctor offering to do your cosmetic surgery in Chicago, Illinois. Look for a doctor who is board certified, and if possible you might want to get somebody who teaches plastic surgery to medical students. For example, Dr. Jay Pensler specializes in cosmetic surgery throughout Chicago, Illinois. He was trained at Harvard, and now he teaches plastic surgery at Northwestern University Medical School in addition to keeping up his own practice.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery anywhere in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Pensler is definitely the best around. He is even able to tailor various cosmetic surgery procedures to you as an individual, so that you get the best cosmetic surgery in Chicago, Illinois results possible. For more information about Dr. Pensler, please contact him at 312.642.7777.