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How to Cure Man Boobs

If you are a guy with abnormally large breasts, you have probably done a fair bit of research online about how to cure man boobs. In all of your research, you might have come across miracle pills, exercises that are guaranteed to work and maybe even a tank top or two to wear underneath your tee shirts to hide them (kind of like a guy girdle). Unfortunately, the only sure fire way to cure man boobs is to get surgery. Fortunately, however, the surgery is not as scary as it sounds.

First, the background on curing man boobs. Believe it or not, it is estimated that 40 to 60 percent of men worldwide suffer from gynecomastia. A guy named Galan, who noticed the trend in some men, coined the term back in the 2nd century A.D. A combination of “mastos” for breast and “gynec” for feminine, gynecomastia did not have its own surgery until the 7th century A.D., when Paulis of Aegina described it as an “effeminacy of men”. Apparently, curing man boobs was just as high of a priority back then as it is today.

Now however, curing man boobs through surgery is way less of an ordeal than it was back in the 7th century. In fact, it really is not that big of a deal at all. Once you find a reputable doctor with enough surgeries under his belt to know his way around a scalpel, the hard part is over. One man who certainly knows how to cure man boobs is Dr. Jay Pensler in Chicago, Illinois. A leading plastic surgeon on both the national and international scale, Dr. Pensler learned how to cure man boobs at Harvard, and now teaches the craft at Northwestern University Medical School.

In most cases, all that a doctor needs to do to cure man boobs is to go in and take out the fatty tissue. In some extreme cases, some of the skin will be removed as well. According to Dr. Jay Pensler, only around two percent of patients asking him to cure man boobs need drains put in as well. However, all patients are required to wear a discreet compression vest to help the skin firm up and become taut around the pectoral muscles again. All in all, it is a fairly easy and affordable process. For more information, please call Dr. Pensler at 312.642.7777.