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About – Gynecomastia Surgery Information

There is a lot to be learned about gynecomastia surgery, especially in Chicago, Illinois. Derived from the Greek term “mastos” for breast and “gynec” for feminine, gynecomastia is a word that describes large breasts in men. Occurring in approximately 40 to 60 percent of men worldwide, there are various reasons why some men are affected by the condition and others are not, including hormone variances and environmental changes. While gynecomastia surgery may be popular today, it has been around since the 7th century A.D. when Paulis of Aegina described it as an “effeminacy of men”.

Now that the history and causes of gynecomastia surgery in Chicago, Illinois are out of the way, it is time to talk about how it is done. Dr. Jay Pensler, one of the leading practitioners of gynecomastia surgery in Chicago, explains the process in great detail on his website. Dr. Pensler prefers to take a multifaceted approach to gynecomastia surgery, which corrects the deformity in the most effective way possible. Dr. Pensler also customizes each treatment for every patient, so that the results are optimized for the individual. In some extreme cases, in addition to the excess fatty tissue, some of the skin is removed as well.

Following gynecomastia surgery, only around 2 percent of Dr. Jay Pensler’s patients require drains. However, you should expect to wear a compression vest, which reduces bleeding in the postoperative phase and helps to support the skin, which maximizes shrinkage. You should expect to wear the vest for about a month or so, but it cannot be seen under your clothes, so if you choose not to tell anyone about your surgery the secret will be safe.

Before seeking gynecomastia surgery in Chicago, Illinois, you should first check with your primary care physician. This is because enlarged male breasts can be a symptom of some serious conditions, like liver or endocrine disease. Once your doctor has cleared you of any potential health risks, you are free to get gynecomastia surgery anywhere in Chicago.

To be sure, getting gynecomastia surgery in Chicago, Illinois is an exciting time for most patients with enlarged male breasts. A firmer, flatter and more masculine looking chest is only a phone call away. So, call Dr. Jay Pensler today for more information on how you can start looking better and feeling great. Or, fill out the form on his website and a patient coordinator will get in touch with you right away.