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Jay M. Pensler, M.D.
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Finding the Best Plastic Surgeons Chicago, Illinois

With so many plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois, finding the right one for you can be extremely difficult. When you factor in that each of them claims to be the best and most affordable out of all the plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois, the task of choosing just one becomes even harder. However, there are some sure fire ways to quickly weed out the great plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois from the bad ones.

For example, as you go in for various consultations, you should take a look around the office. Is it dingy? Does it look like something out of a horror movie, or a documentary you saw on third world medical centers? If so, you can go ahead and rule out those plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois. However, if the office looks neat and tidy, everyone is friendly and there is a ton of information about the various plastic surgery procedures that you may be interested in, you should keep those plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois at the top of your list.

Another crucial way to choose between plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois is to look at the before and after pictures of past patients. Just about all plastic surgeons have them, and if one of the plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois that you are looking at refuses to show you photos, you should not give him any money. Some plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois will even post pictures of the various success stories on their websites, as is the case with Dr. Jay Pensler.

Dr. Pensler is definitely one of the best plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois has to offer. In addition to running his own successful plastic surgery practice, he is the Associate Professor of Clinical Plastic Surgery at Northwestern University Medical School. On top of all that, he learned his craniofacial surgery skills while at Harvard. That is yet another way to differentiate the good plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois from the bad. If one went to Harvard, and the other one graduated from some place you never heard of, go with the doctor who has the Harvard credentials.

Although advancements in the world of cosmetic surgery have made it safer and easier than ever, choosing the right plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois is still a crucial step. You will live with the results for the rest of you life, so you should make sure that you will be happy with them. For more information on Dr. Pensler and plastic surgeons Chicago, Illinois, please call 312.642.7777.